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We believe in sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.


Championing your Brand Experience: A Ministry Resource Guide

We developed a resource to help ministries, especially ministries limited by resources, finances, or even more prevalent, the industry knowledge to know what’s available and possible so you can champion your brand experience.


Offbrand: How the Church Fell Off Brand and How in the World We Get Back

In Offbrand, you’ll uncover principles rooted all the way back in Genesis 1:1 when God established his blueprint for reaching people. You’ll discover how it was very strategically thought out by the master Himself, positioned as the ultimate brand, accompanied by the greatest marketing plan ever written.


Marketing RFP? Probably not, but thanks.

No, not because we’re arrogant or don’t need new business. We’ve won RFPs. We’ve lost RFPs. We’ve been the right choice and the wrong choice over the years. Hell, we’ve even written RFPs for clients, and helped them respond to hundreds of their own in their industry.


The Day We Became the Client: Our Rebranding Story

For 20 years, I led hundreds of clients through the rebranding process and saw their sleepless nights, their insecurities, and their long conversations with their business partners and clients.

Branding, Leadership

It’s Just Printing, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

There’s nothing as disappointing—or as expensive—as a botched print job. Making sure every piece you produce lives up to your standards and positions your brand in the best light is too important not to have a dedicated, experienced team to handle for you, so you can stay focused on what you do best: building your business.

Branding, Social Media

What Does The Overhauled Facebook Feed Mean For Our Business?

As you’ve probably already heard, Facebook has officially announced several changes to their News Feed in an effort to promote “meaningful interactions” between users in a way that brings people together.


Is Being Different Deadly for your Brand Success?

Many times the pursuit of different goes into dangerous territory and bleeds over into decisions about what services to offer, how to offer them, and what sacred cows to sustain. The truth is, it’s not necessary to pursue difference for its own sake.


Working Together: 7 Criteria for Success with The Brand Leader

Over the years, we found clients would ask us “what should I look for when choosing a firm?” We used to give the surface-level answers about quality, strategy, communication, all that stuff that’s important. But over time we realized that clients, once they get past quickly being able to evaluate capabilities, really can choose from a lot of great firms in our industry who do fantastic work.


What You Need to Know About the New Gutenberg Editor for WordPress

Recently, WordPress announced that it will unveil the new Gutenberg Editor as a core part of the WordPress 5.0 release, replacing the familiar TinyMCE text editor that millions of users know and love.

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