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As a branding agency, we believe every promise matters.

Your brand is your company’s series of promises.

What’s a brand?

We’ve heard a lot of answers to this question. Some overly complicated, others that make it even more confusing. Maybe this will help:

We believe a brand is a series of promises. It declares a value proposition, and every touch is another chance to set experience expectations for your current and future target consumers.

Successfully done, the promises deliver a consistent message and experience: one sight, one sound, one sell. In other words, you build brand loyalty, impact retention & growth, and improve customer acquisition when everything seen and heard reinforces the value proposition you promised.

Workers Interacting
Going Over Design
Screens with Code
Workers Meeting

Your Consumer

Every touch point and interaction—how you answer the phone, ad campaigns, work environment, web, digital assets and more—serve as opportunities to move people closer to brand stranger or brand ambassador. Intentional or not, ignoring the impact of every touch opportunity is, in itself, a decision.

– Geoff Wasserman, Founder & Chief Brand Officer

Since 2014, they've listened, challenged us, and have a deep understanding of our purpose and core values. They go the extra mile with high-quality work, and consistently strong, reliable execution. You keep traditional vendors at arm’s length and dictate expectations. Talented, honest, like-minded partners with a genuine desire to see a relationship be the best it can be—hold on to those.

Brian McKay / COO, SC Telco

They’re the rare blend of creativeness, design, business acumen, and dedication that is almost impossible to find in one team. I’ve been blown away by their ability to listen, understand, and lead on every task I’ve asked of them.

Eric Turner / CEO & Serial Entrepreneur

Every time we have a project that requires design that has to be fresh, creative and impactful, I know the team at The Brand Leader will come through. They take pride in establishing new levels of excellence every time!

Gene Krcelic / President, Premier Foundation

I can’t thank you enough for the opportunities you’ve given my business through your SEO program. We now get business we once only dreamed of. Some months, we can’t even respond to all the requests! I highly recommend your SEO and brand work to anyone, except our competitors.

Todd Coleman / Founder & CEO, Summit Janitorial

Geoff is so skillfully creative and inspirational that I've had to regiment my conversations with him like I do my caffeine intake - none after 4pm because I won't sleep! His big thinking mixed with his uncanny ability to deep-dive into any idea or venture has proven invaluable.

Kenworth Reeves / Founder, TKG Ventures & Founder, 13 Stripes Brewery

Geoff leads people very well. No surprise, his firm has grown so successfully over the years under his careful eye. Before The Cliffs had in-house design, his team supplied lots of direction and execution for our member communications. They helped our brand grow with our most important audience - key stakeholders. Geoff's also incredibly well-rounded and implanted in the community - a family man at heart, he treats clients as extended family.

Jamie Prince / Founder & CEO, Flourish Communications/PR

The reaction to our new brand and website was overwhelming! Everyone loved it; We’re so grateful for the work The Brand Leader did for us.

Beth Padgett / Executive Director, Compass of Carolina