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Is your ministry facing challenges and new opportunities, but you can’t get out of the demands of the day to find new ways to better serve people? Maybe you were handed media or marketing responsibilities without a lifeline to an experienced mentor. We get it. Ministry can feel challenging and lonely. 

Take a deep breath. You’re not alone. 

We developed this guide to help smaller growth-stage ministries, often limited by resources, to know what’s even available; from creating a podcast for your Pastor, to service streaming platforms and sources for better stock photos, and even resources to help with service planning.

Sometimes, one new tool can unlock a new road of opportunity. That’s our prayer and vision for this resource, and future editions as we expand it. We hope this helps you get unstuck, do some things better and more efficiently.

….Oh, and if you’ve discovered resources not listed, please tell us! We’d love to include your suggestions in future editions to help other ministries reach their potential.
Completing each other, not competing…we’re all in this together, right?
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