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Is your ministry facing challenges, new opportunities, or even both? Maybe you feel you can’t seem to get out of the demands of the day, or the tyranny of the urgent, to learn new ways to better serve and reach people. Maybe you were handed media, marketing, event or communications responsibilities without a lifeline to an experienced mentor, company or advisor.

Ministry can be lonely, isolating, and challenging. We get it, and that’s why we’ve developed this free resource. So…


You’re not alone, and it’s perfectly normal to feel frustrated. We hope this helps you get unstuck, do some things better, more efficiently, for less money and time along the way.

Your job can sometimes literally be a matter of life and death, since connecting someone to your ministry can make an eternal difference. We just don’t believe it should cost a fortune! Recognizing this, we developed this resource to help ministries, especially smaller ministries limited by resources, finances, or even more prevalent, the industry knowledge to know what’s even available, let alone what’s possible.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a heart for creating a profound impact and life-changing overall experience for members and those you’re called to reach in your community, whether through a better podcast for your church, better stock photos for your in-house materials, or a more thoughtful approach to service planning.

Sometimes, just one new tool can unlock a new road of opportunity. That’s our prayer, vision, and hope for this resource, and future editions as we expand it (so give us feedback!).

We hope these insights can help you take areas of your ministry to the next level. Oh, and after you check it out, if you’ve learned of additional resources not listed, or have suggestions for new categories of resources, please tell us! We update this periodically and would love to include you, and your suggestions, in future editions to help other ministries reach their potential and fulfill their calling. Completing each other, not competing…we’re all in this together, right?

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