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Create A New Brand

Great brand creation requires a structured process.

Creative agencies win awards; Branding agencies win market share.

New Brands

Marketing doesn’t exist to win creative awards; its purpose is to drive sales, profitability, and growth.

Our structured 90-120 day process begins with a formal brand assessment & discovery, includes several proprietary brand tools and exercises, and ends with the launch of specific, mutually-agreed upon deliverables. This often includes some or all of the following: new name, logo (primary and sub-brand offerings), brand voice, brand standard guidelines, website, digital assets, and other critical elements.

Yes, we’ve won awards for our creative work, but we don’t celebrate when clients says they love our work; we do that when the market responds and clients win market share.


Marketing Process

Talking Through Process
Screen Work
Working on Layouts

Challenge the status quo.

We don’t believe creativity in marketing is art. That’s why painters & sculptors exist and work alone. Consistently clever, attention-grabbing, ROI-driven marketing happens when the environment within which it’s created has the right boundaries established, and a team is challenged to collaborate, think differently, question the status quo, and share ideas. Sustaining it requires a commitment to constantly learn and adapt as consumer behaviors, markets and competition change.

Office Layout

We hate surprises…
So here’s what to expect.

How much does it cost & how long does it take?

We hate surprises as much as clients do, so we prefer to set expectations up front. Great brands require a great process, great talent and great communication, including time for a project to breathe and allow for collaboration between our teams. Because of that, expect a 90-120 day process start-to-finish, and a range of $25,000-$50,000 including typical deliverables like several mentioned above (logo, site, etc). It won’t be less than that range, but of course can (and has) run higher depending on the specific SOW and scope of deliverables that we agree on together.

If you’re here, you’re considering rebranding and a possible relationship with our team.

If you’d like to discuss further, we’d love to talk.

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They’re the rare blend of creativeness, design, business acumen, and dedication that is almost impossible to find in one team. I’ve been blown away by their ability to listen, understand, and lead on every task I’ve asked of them.

Eric Turner / CEO & Serial Entrepreneur

Every time we have a project that requires design that has to be fresh, creative and impactful, I know the team at The Brand Leader will come through. They take pride in establishing new levels of excellence every time!

Gene Krcelic / President, Premier Foundation

ct townsend

Geoff and his team have a heart for what we do, and the skills to help us accomplish those goals. So often I've met with people that want to run you in and run you out. They clearly had a heart for our ministry, and our vision for what it could be. I most appreciate their ability to get what's in my head, and proactively turn it into something creative without me having to spell out every step. If I need something, I never have to ask twice and, sometimes, I don't have to ask once.

CT Townsend / Founder, CT Townsend Ministries

We’ve already gotten major compliments on our brand from our manufacturing partner and others. The Brand Leader team went above and beyond all we hoped for and expected. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful. A BIG thank you; You've made us look even better than we can live up to.

Richard Peck / Partner, Carolina Intellectual Property LLC

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