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Leader’s Resource: Off Brand: A book for ministries and churches.

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Is your ministry facing challenges?

You’ve probably heard (and even used) the phrase, “be in the world, but not of it.” The 21st century church’s problem is similar: We haven’t figured out we’re supposed to be of the church, but not stuck in it. The church has a bad habit of defaulting to, well, “being churchy.” We’ve spent so much time in church, we’ve become increasingly irrelevant to the very people we want to reach. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is speaking to them in a well-crafted, intentional language that resonates with them.

Ever wonder the secrets to how successful brands did it? Burger King’s Have it Your Way. Verizon’s Can you hear me now. Got Milk. At their core—like every marketing campaign since the beginning of time—they’re remarkably similar. A product found its authentic voice, discovered the pain of its prospect, met them on their terms with a message that resonated, and found ways to spread their value proposition through people, to scale the brand’s reach and impact.

But none of these campaigns had the power of the ultimate brand: God’s love. The ultimate marketer, Jesus had the entire church in him, but was rarely in church. He didn’t see himself as being in church; he understood he was church.

He modeled the ultimate blueprint for marketing. He wasn’t building an outreach department, He was outreach. He wasn’t in church waiting on people, He was out reaching the world, and He was out teaching and out loving. No matter how many competed to influence people with other beliefs, he was out-reaching, out-loving and out-spreading his message at every turn.

Building a successful brand happens when brands tell their authentic story, build meaningful relationships with people right where they are, connect them to a product, and lead them to a decision.

In Offbrand, you’ll uncover principles rooted all the way back in Genesis 1:1 when God established his blueprint for reaching people. You’ll discover how it was very strategically thought out by the master Himself, positioned as the ultimate brand, accompanied by the greatest marketing plan ever written. You’ll see how well-intentioned people got in the way of the simplest brand value proposition, and steered the brand down paths of confusion and disconnection.

Then, we’ll begin setting course correction for missteps your organization may have made, and help you get back on track.

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