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Leader’s Resource: Offbrand: A book for ministries and churches.

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Is your ministry facing challenges?

Great brands disrupt the status quo, build meaningful relationships, and lead people to decisions.

Burger King’s “Have it Your Way.” Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” “Got Milk?” At their core, great campaigns are remarkably similar. A product, resonating with a prospect’s pain, meeting them on their terms, with an authentic message they can’t help but share.

None of these had the power of the ultimate brand: God’s love.

The ultimate marketer, Jesus, reveals an unparalleled blueprint for marketing. He wasn’t building an outreach department, He was outreach. He wasn’t in church; He was church, out-reaching and out-loving competing messages at every turn.

In Offbrand, you’ll uncover the ultimate brand, created by the Master Himself, positioned with the greatest marketing plan ever written.

You’ll see how many well-intentioned ministries steered the brand down paths of confusion and disconnection, and how to get back on track.

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A book for ministries and churches.

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