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Role Description:

We’re growing, so we’re adding a key team member; here are some insights about the role, expectations, and whether it might be a fit for your life. Good news: It’s very realistic. We have a couple people already in this role for our longstanding clients, we’re adding this role in anticipation of a new cluster of clients.

Learning style:

Do you have a strong affinity for technical subjects, and the capacity to quickly grasp the complexities of their products, markets, and competitors? Do you have a track record of curiosity, and a hunger to learn new things?

Think software, healthcare and manufacturing. Imagine hearing yourself say, “I can’t wait to learn more about non-traditional health care, and education technology that’s changing how kids learn.” Brands that are transforming their industries, making people’s lives better. If you’re more the “restaurants, hospitality and brewery brands” marketer, there are lots of great firms who do that work, but this position isn’t for you.

You’d need to enjoy researching an industry, finding insights that a client may not know about market trends and competitors, learning whatever you can to best impact your team’s work and your clients’ success.

If this role’s a fit for you, you’re someone who regularly finds yourself having “aha moments” in your head, uncovering new ideas–headlines, niche opportunities, product positioning, campaign ideas–that you can’t wait to bring to your team to refine and share with clients.

Brand Manager/Client Lead Skills and Experience:

  • Creating, implementing and managing brands, marketing plans, and web builds
  • Exceptional written communication skills
    • Communicating with people: Track record of communicating quickly, fearlessly, thoroughly and relationally with words in written form with people of diverse skill sets, backgrounds, ages, and positions. From clients to senior writers to art directors, vendors, and C-level…using your writing and words to unite, connect, lead, confront, challenge and encourage.
    • Copywriting: We’re not looking for a senior copywriter, but any given week, your copywriting team will show you their work, and the right candidate will have the ability to recognize a line that’s “not quite right” from a brand perspective and make it better.
  • Strong Verbal and relationship management skills: You’ll be leading client meetings, internal strategy and creative planning sessions, ‘green light thinking’ sessions with 3rd party partners, and leading weekly client project management calls.
  • You’ll need that rare balance of:
    • Strength and competency in managing complex projects to completion (with multiple moving parts, people and deadlines), and feel a sense of reward and fulfillment in it
    • Passion for understanding people, communicating with empathy as you lead. Can you hear the unspoken, reading between the lines, from your creative team and clients?
    • Be “the one” in front of the room many times, but also comfortable (not threatened) when someone else (client, team member, outside vendor/partner) steps into the spotlight with the idea that changes a project direction.
  • Team-focused, able to see where your clients’ and projects’ progress and growth  fit into the company’s overall goals
  • Willing and able to work flex hours – attend an infrequent client event in the evening if needed, make an early AM photo shoot, etc
  • Occasional overnight travel (approx 3-4 short overnight trips/year)
  • Strong affinity for, and experience with:
    • Digital communication: Are you comfortable embracing the newest app, finding a software platform or tech solution that “does this easier?” If technology makes you apprehensive, this role won’t be for you.
    • Social media: LI, FB, Twitter, Instagram minimum…Need to be comfortable with the difference, leading clients through discussions of how each is used effectively, and quickly spot the difference between “pushy, self-promoting forgettable noise” vs clever strategies that stick, break through the clutter, and resonate with people.
  • Understanding SEO best practices conceptually, enough to collaborate with SEO Director on projects
  • Competency with basic WordPress changes/functionality

Brand Manager/Client Lead Responsibilities:

  • Grow your clients: The experience to proactively uncover opportunities for clients to grow, pulling on internal and external talent and resources to develop ideas and new initiatives
  • Navigate occasional conflict (clients, your team, partners) with empathy, conviction, care, and resolve
  • Manage clients and your project coordinator to ensure projects stay on track and you’re informed as needed on progress
  • Lead multiple clients at a time (usually 5-6, in various stages of marketing initiatives)
  • Integrate clients through proper initial orientation with your agency team, continuously fostering trust between client and members of the team
  • Keeping client abreast of agency happenings, and agency abreast of client happenings.
  • Staying informed of client’s industry/segment/niche.
  • Monitor scope creep, client satisfaction, consulting with brand managers/project coordinators regarding work output.
  • Lead/Participate in client planning, craft initial client strategies, lead New Project intake process
  • Manage client reviews
  • New projects:
    • Lead internal project scope development + pricing discussions
    • Draft client-facing presenting recommendations and pricing
    • Present team recommendations to the client
  • Direct your project coordinator/team on development of agendas in advance of client/team meetings, debrief afterward, communicate action plans
  • Build internal agency orientation file on each client (Learning profiles, Creative Brief, other docs)

If this sounds like a potential fit, let’s talk. Email us at

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