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Our Process

For over 20 years, we have helped create and lead brands nationally. Our success comes from one place: our values. We invite you to take a look around, learn more about us, our studio, and the people who make it work together.

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Gathering Intel

Research & Insights

We review everything from your logo and website to your print collateral and social media accounts — how you connect with people around the world. Then we look at your product offering, your audience, the competitive landscape, and your strengths and weaknesses. As part of our evaluation, we spend time researching your key competitors and recording critical observations about the potential implications of their branding efforts. After reviewing your current brand presence and contrasting it with your competition, our team will highlight your primary challenges.

Assessment Process



Branding Process

Once we have a firm understanding of your business, challenges, and orientation in the marketplace, we begin the branding process. It’s in this stage where we concept and strategize name, if applicable, and begin the sketch work for what will become your logo. Our copywriters and senior strategists will be busy simultaneously working on your tone of voice, brand story, values, and positioning. It’s in this crucial step where the birth (or rebirth) of your brand starts to materialize.

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Rubber meets the Road

Design & Execution

After we move from our recommendations of your brand and the direction of your look and feel, it’s time to extrapolate that to all your touch points: business cards, PowerPoint templates, collateral, signage and heck, even your van or truck wraps. Concurrently, our UX team will be focusing on translating our early phase work into your future web site’s wireframes — the foundation on top of which the design layer will sit. For e-commerce sites, it’s here where we’ll codify the user journey onto the checkout. This design phase has multiple check-ins with your team to ensure partnership throughout the process.

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Launch & Strategy

We have our assets, new site, and all your brand guidelines finalized. It’s time to introduce your new brand to the world. But how? Our brand strategists will align your business goals with the right timing of your new launch and formulate your launch plan. Sometimes this is a simple “thief in the night” swap, and sometimes it’s much more involved.

For larger SAAS and e-commerce sites, we plan the switchover to include all QA testing upfront, and then all the pertinent integrations: DNS settings, ERP integration, warehouse and shipping management software, and payment gateway. This ensures a seamless experience for your customers.

When it’s time to announce your brand to the world, we work with best-in-class strategic partners to help deliver the best, most crafted storytelling on the planet.

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Ongoing Services

Beyond the Brandwork™

Once the branding process is finished, we don’t have to be. Our ongoing thought-leadership and help with additional marketing support and ongoing asset delivery mean we’re with you for the long-haul. We also work with a key strategic partner in digital marketing to help support our strategy with search management, influencer and social management, and a variety of other service. We’ll also help with web site enhancements, video and photo shoots, and more to not only help solidify your position in the market, but help to continually refine it. It’s in this stage where we also help on data visualization and analytics, helping to prove our your brand value through data.

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