The name of a brand is one of the most noticeable of the brand touchpoints, but not the most important. You can't name something without knowing its personality. When the two come together... it's magic.

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A Great Name
to Represent your Brand

Naming a brand is hard. It takes patience. It takes knowledge. And it just so happens to be something we're great at. Naming brands, establishing meaning.



We first determine the lanes in which we want to the name to live. What type of name (acronym, derivative, evocative, etc) or the influences we establish.


Name Generation

Members of our strategy, branding, and content teams start a "naming sprint" process which yields hundreds of names in which we cull down to present to you.



We work with a trusted legal partner to vet the top names and do a preliminary web and trademark search. When we nail the name, we encourage you to trademark it with legal.

A Few Brands We Have Named

All types of industries. All protected by trademark.


To build a great brand we first help create the brand positioning and architecture.

This all happens before we name the brand, which is one of the most noticeable, but not the most important, bit. Here in the Ultimate Guide to Naming Brands we'll look at how we help establish and name brands.

As a companion to the Ultimate Guide to Rebranding, you'll learn that a name is just a label. It doesn't mean anything alone, but once embued with personality, experience, history, and stories it will be not only your calling card and your internet address but also it will start to become, among other things, your brand.

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Luckily for us, The Brand Leader is our secret weapon and our creative sherpas.

Finding the right creative / branding team is not easy, even more, finding the right team who fundamentally understands the nuances that make up a brand and the culture that surrounds it is harder. We've rolled up our sleeves with them and have full trust in their guidance for all our advanced projects. "

Rob Reedy / Founder, ECHOS Communication

The Brand Leader has been an amazing partner with us on the renaming and rebranding of our company.

Their team spent time laying the groundwork to really understand who we are, what we do and what results we drive for our customers. Through this process they were able to amplify our voice in a powerful and effective way. The Brand Leader’s high-quality execution has given us a world class brand that reflects the quality of work our team does every day and sets us apart from our competition. "

Paul Sims / CEO, Nuqleous


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