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Telling your story to the media is just as important as telling it to your customer.

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Public Relations

Amplifying the Story

Some of the ways we're able to help deliver your message.

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01 | Positioning

Your brand messaging can be crystal clear, but it’s only compelling if you get it in front of the right people. Following a brand-first positioning strategy, TBL PR gives your products and services a clear identity and competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. We do this by building public relations strategies that anticipate your customers’ needs, actions, and purchasing habits. After identifying your audience and understanding your place in the market, we use these insights to drive a mix of public relations campaigns and initiatives, all with the ultimate goal of inspiring your target audience to take action.

02 | Media Relations

Maybe you’ve heard that “any press is good press.” That’s a myth. Don’t believe it. You want positive media coverage for your company, and that coverage relies on two things: a compelling story and an army of great storytellers. TBL PR has forged strong relationships with some of the most respected reporters, editors, bloggers, influencers, and social media gatekeepers. From finding creative story angles that help our clients achieve their goals to driving media awareness campaigns that keep our customers in the spotlight, our media connections can play a critical role in your PR success.

03 | Crisis Comms

Your company’s reputation takes years to build. But in a world where good news travels fast and bad news travels even faster, it only takes moments for all your hard work to come crashing down. With this reality in mind, TBL PR specializes in helping our clients prepare for and navigate crises. Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster, product recall, service issue, labor dispute, scandal, investigation, or any other unexpected disruption, you can trust TBL PR to help you protect your brand’s hard-earned reputation.

04 | Media Training

It’s one thing to get the media’s attention. Knowing what to do with that attention is something else entirely. TBL PR has the experience to help you get the coverage you’re looking for — and the expertise to make sure that your coverage is accurate and effective. Our media training is designed to help your designated spokespeople crystalize your key messages and deliver them in various media settings. Our media training offerings include:

  • Choosing the right spokespeople
  • Setting media relations protocols
  • Interview prep and media briefing
  • Key message delivery techniques
  • Interview Do’s and Don’ts
  • Crafting media-friendly soundbites
  • Handling difficult questions and journalists

05 | Internal Comms 

Every external message starts as an internal conversation. For your company to achieve its goals, your entire organization — from senior leaders to new hires — needs to know the current state of your business. Good news or bad, it’s critical that every member of your team hears it from you first. Establishing good internal communications creates a corporate culture that encourages employee satisfaction and organizational accomplishment. TBL PR helps our clients build, implement, and manage activations that reinforce their companies’ visions and missions and ensure their internal communications align with their external messaging. Our work includes the following:

  • Company newsletters
  • Company-wide events and meetings
  • Executive presentations
  • Training videos
  • Playbooks/Guides
  • Calendars
  • Incentive programs
  • Referral programs.

06 | Trade Show Mgmt

Want to connect with your target audience and give them a firsthand look at the benefits of your product or services? We’ve got two words for you: Trade. Shows. Even with the meteoric rise of digital marketing, trade shows still represent one of the most powerful ways for your brand to make a positive impression on the people you want to reach. By leveraging the talents and abilities of our agency’s creative, production, and digital specialists, TBL PR can help you create an attention-grabbing trade show presence that produces measurable increases in awareness, leads, and sales. Our trade show management services include:

  • Show selection​
  • Event Logistics
  • Speaking engagements​
  • Press conferences/ product announcements​
  • Experiential activations (digital, gamification, giveaways, etc.) ​
  • Full production support (signage, booth graphics, etc.)​
  • App development​
  • Attendee data collection​

07 | Special Events, Press Conferences, Launches

Best practices and proven processes are important. But sometimes, if you want to rise above the competitive noise, you need to branch out and do something unexpected. Maybe it’s celebrating a new product launch. Perhaps it’s announcing a groundbreaking accomplishment. It could also be making a routine announcement in a way that grabs — and keeps — people’s attention. At TBL PR, we’ve produced and managed hundreds of special events that amplified our clients’ brands, products, or services. In the process, we’ve helped them cultivate sales channels, capture leads, and connect with their customers. We handle every aspect of your special event, promoting it through the proper media and social channels and focusing on your company’s KPIs and ROI.

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The Brand Leader has been an amazing partner with us on the renaming and rebranding of our company.

Their team spent time laying the groundwork to really understand who we are, what we do and what results we drive for our customers. Through this process they were able to amplify our voice in a powerful and effective way. The Brand Leader’s high-quality execution has given us a world class brand that reflects the quality of work our team does every day and sets us apart from our competition. "

Paul Sims / CEO, Nuqleous


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