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Strategy is, after all, how you get people to understand your differentiators in the marketplace. It's the foundation on which everything else is built: visual identity, voice and tone, and positioning. It's everything. And we do it well.


Bridging the Gap
Between Brand and People

To achieve any goal you first need to create a plan in order to deliver it, and that’s where strategy comes in. We understand the importance of developing a strong actionable brand, marketing, and communication strategies that deliver meaningful results to our clients. Here’s how we do it.



Before starting any project, gathering insights through research is of utmost importance to the success of your strategy which is why we place so much focus on research, in all its forms, for this stage of our process.



Our extensive research allows us to gather insights on the market and your competitors which enables us to identify gaps and opportunities so that we can help you differentiate your brand and stand out from the crowd.



If you want to differentiate, you have to be different. We position brands and help them articulate their story to occupy a unique position in the minds of their target audience.

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We don’t have a "set it and forget it" mentality when it comes to strategy. The analysis is a critical part of any strategy to ensure that your brand is supporting your marketing and sales objectives. Markets, trends, and consumer behavior are constantly evolving and your strategy needs to as well.


Audience Profiling

Understanding who your target audience is, and is not, is a fundamental component of creating the right strategy. By defining clear target groups we help our clients focus on tactics, activities, and messaging that will lead your audience to complete the actions you want them to.



You can have the best product or service in the world but if you cannot tell your story in a compelling, engaging, and authentic way you will struggle to form an emotional connection with your audience. We are inspirational, persuasive, and motivational storytellers that help brands connect.

Great brands take a lot of work.
Luckily, we're here to help.

MANY BUSINESSES AND people aren't familiar with what a brand really is — a logo? A set of standards? — well, all of it and more. When you're considering a rebrand, lots can go into it. Great brands know that to be effective, especially during a rebrand, they must be clear and creatively communicate the brand at every touchpoint, in a unique and meaningful way, and in their authentic brand voice.

That means lots of documents, thought leadership, and energy goes into making (and remaking) a brand. Here, in our Ultimate Guide to Rebranding, we'll walk you through what's entailed, timelines, budgets, and more. Plus, we'll help you locate your next branding agency and what you should look for in a partner. Finally, we'll showcase common pitfalls to be wary of.

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High quality work, skilled, efficient execution, combined with a deep understanding of our purpose and core values.

Keep vendors at arm’s length and dictate expectations, but with a partner, there’s negotiation, compromise, and continued growth. When you find a partner that’s talented, honest, has like-minded core values and a genuine desire to see the relationship be the best it can be like The Brand Leader — those are the ones to hold onto.

Brian McKay / CEO, Spero Financial


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