Anna Chastain

"What's the best way to word this?"

The Wandering Appalachian

Writer and poet, adventurer, dreamer, and achiever. All of those words are true about Anna. But more importantly she is genuine, original, and a dang good friend.

Anna is an Upstate Native, born and raised in Pickens, SC. She is a two time graduate of Clemson University with a BS in Marketing and an MS in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management. Anna has a passion for serving in her local community - she is on the board of directors for several nonprofits, and she is a youth leader at her church.

Anna is one of the best friends you will find. She is thoughtful, engaging and relatable. Between her witty jokes and charming stories, it's hard not to love her.

Anna is kind of obsessed with all things Appalachia. From the culture, heritage, history, music, and people, Anna loves it all. In fact, she documents all of her Appalachian hiking excursions on her blog, The Wandering Appalachian. In her spare time, Anna enjoys writing poetry and will find any excuse to be outside. Her perfect day includes a beautiful hike, and a stop by the brewery for a cold one afterwards.


Anna is not only a great writer, but she also plays the clarinet (and unlike Squidward, she's actually pretty good).

Quite the overachiever (we're kind of kidding), Anna dreams to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail someday. You go, Anna!

This probably could have been another Fun Fact, but we think it is so cool it needs its own section. Anna is a direct descendant of Soloman Jones - the namesake of Jones Gap State Park in Cleveland, SC.