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Aram Tchividjian

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Director of Development

Aram joins The Brand Leader from West Palm Beach, FL where he spent 10 years as Technology Manager at an agency called 2TON.

He graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a degree in psychology that he may or may not use at some point in the future. In the meantime, he’ll be attempting to put his knowledge and experience with computers to good use, and doing his best to make happy clients.

He is a very proud dad of three incredible kids who fill his life with wonder and happiness, even while causing him to constantly act out the face palm emoji 🤦🏽.

Longing for seasons (hurricane season doesn’t count), he is excited to be relocating to Greenville, where he will be closer to his mom and sisters, and he looks forward to doing cool stuff near that waterfall thing downtown.

Also, that picture up there with the skateboard is both old and photoshopped.

Two Truths and a Lie

  • As a kid, Aram met Johnny Cash, and the only thing he can remember about the encounter is thinking “man, he has a really wide nose.”
  • Aram sometimes uses Just for Men® Grey Reducing shampoo and it seems to upset certain people.
  • Aram once slipped and fell in an Applebee’s® and now gets to eat there for free whenever he wants.

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