Some interesting things you might not guess about Brigitta:

  • She doesn't have a favorite color
  • Her first language is Cantonese
  • She has a strong distaste for any kind of white lighting — it has to be warm

Brigitta is 1/4 Indian (not Native American Indian - India Indian) on her dad's side of the family. Her grandpa is 100% Indian!

Brigitta Daswani


All the way from Hong Kong, Brigitta brings her eye for clean, well-made designs to The Brand Leader, as well as her lovable personality.

Brigitta grew up in the bustling city of Hong Kong, but came to the States for college, and man did she come out of the gates swinging, winning two gold Addy® awards for her design work before she had even graduated. Upon graduating with a BA in Graphic Design, she started her journey as a full-fledged designer. She dove in with both feet, working on everything from print design to website creation to packaging—all the while helping companies establish their true brand identity.

Brigitta’s passion lies in the process of developing a visual identity. She relishes in strategy sessions and mood boards—as any true creative does. This is how she describes the process: “It’s like when a person is dusting off an old but priceless painting in the attic, restoring and framing it so it looks beautiful (again). The gem—the good stuff—has always been there, and as a designer, I get the privilege of helping to make it shine again.” She’s very intentional about every aspect of her designs, making sure that each element lends itself to the overarching vision and goal.

When she’s not delighting our clients, she’s spending time with her family and her husband. Her love language is cooking up new recipes for those she loves—though she has an aversion to “strict recipes.” (She’s got to have creative license to experiment, even in her personal life!) Her first priority after marriage is building a small herb and vegetable garden.