Director of Digital Marketing

Evan Lyendecker

"Flying Squirrels are kind of my spirit animal."


Evan Lydendecker is a passionate and proven "digital-first" marketing professional, dedicated to providing strategic and creative leadership to push brands forward.

With extensive in-house, agency, and freelance experience, Evan has a knack for working with fresh and meaningful brands, with a special focus on the outdoor industry. Evan seeks to lead digital marketing efforts with memorable brand experiences that drive growth through data-driven strategies, cutting-edge tactics, and engaging content. We firmly believe Evan is the beginning of a new generation for The Brand Leader, that the future of our business revolves around digital. 

We can confidently say that Evan has brought a new perspective to our team and is advancing us forward into a new season. Not to mention, he's an all around great guy, and a fantastic friend.

When not in work mode, you can find Evan fly fishing a trout stream or adventuring with his wife and 3-year-old son. 


Evan believes Flying Squirrels are his spirit animal. Why, you ask? According to Evan, Native Americans believe that Flying Squirrels represent believing in your dreams, working hard, and having fun. Which he feels describes him quite well. You remind us of a squirrel too, Evan.