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Jen Reynolds

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Art Director

We mean she literally runs the world. Jen doesn’t track steps; she tracks miles.

Jen’s a runner. Not the kind who runs errands and gets the team coffees. And not the kind who gets super motivated on NYE and makes an over ambitious resolution. Nope. She’s a real-deal, all in, no excuses runner. If you’re not a runner, here’s a few things you should know. Runners are intensely dedicated human beings. They train with purpose and intentionality – not just so they stay in shape – they train to improve in every area of strength, speed and endurance. They challenge themselves to push limits and reach new benchmarks—working to be better than the day before. Jen is a runner in every sense of the word. She helps set the pace for our team, challenging us to improve in every area. And she challenges our clients to strive for new benchmarks of excellence throughout every customer touch point of their brand.

Focused. Driven. Passionate.

As Art Director, Jen is designing, developing and creating brand elements from scratch, bringing new ideas and overseeing the design process to ensure each brand is on target with its audience. Whether at work or on the run, she’s focused on the tiniest details- even the ones you’d never see; driven to keep going and finish strong, and passionate about continually honing her craft and improving her skills.

When she’s not creating amazing designs or guiding clients on branding and design decisions, she spends her free time training, registering for her next race, and daydreaming about her next run. Oh, and she’s even chilled in a cryotherapy chamber after training—so you know she’s prett-y serious about this running thing. It sounds a little crazy to us, too… but it’s just the kind of crazy we like around here.

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B.S in Graphic Design
Bob Jones University

Success In The Field

Created & launched 12+ brands
American Inhouse Design Award Winner

Favorite Projects

Magazines (BBB Q1 2017)
Books (Pivot)


Completed 6 Marathons, over 15 half-marathons and more 5Ks than she can count.

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