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An identity that proves
to its members that they
are better than a bank.

SC Telco Federal Credit Union

Building Strong Membership through Branding

Growth comes when you treat people right

An established 80-year credit union with a strong position in the region but challenges with messaging and brand positioning sought to separate itself from the pack, and began a regional search for a branding and marketing partner to help lead them into a new era of growth and expansion.

They listen, challenge us, and have a deep understanding of our purpose and core values. They go the extra mile with high-quality work, and consistently strong, reliable execution.

You keep traditional vendors at arm’s length and dictate expectations. Talented, honest, like-minded partners with a genuine desire to see a relationship be the best it can be—hold on to those."

Brian McKay / Executive Vice President, SC Telco Federal Credit Union

If you’d like help the way SC Telco did, consider partnering with us.

Just let us know, we’d love to talk!

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