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Ben Hungerford

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Jr. Wordpress Developer

Ben and his wife moved to Greenville in 2015 around the time they found out she was pregnant. It was a crazy transition — but Greenville became home for them pretty quickly. Ben describes himself as a person who loves “environment.” Through good or bad, his drive has been enjoying being a part of something bigger than himself. That includes things like living in a thriving city like Greenville, The Office being his favorite show (because he gets to quote it with other people), or just enjoying seeing something cool come together — even if he didn’t have a hand in it.

His favorite movie is Ocean’s 11 (which Karl probably hasn’t seen), and it just never gets old! It’s the perfect mix of humor, great characters, and a satisfying payoff at the end. One of his hobbies is being on the band and production team at his church — which is a huge creative outlet in his life. Being a dad helps keep him moving because his daughter has seemingly endless amounts of energy. Right now he and is daughter are bonding over trick-shot YouTube videos and building magnet tile towers.

Overall, Ben is pumped about being a part of TBL. As a full-time web developer, he has finally has the space to be creative and analytical, yet also make a living doing it. 

Favorite Film

Ocean’s 11

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