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Rob Reedy

Luckily for us, The Brand Leader is our secret weapon and our creative sherpas.

Finding the right creative / branding team is not easy, even more, finding the right team who fundamentally understands the nuances that make up a brand and the culture that surrounds it is harder. We've rolled up our sleeves with them and have full trust in their guidance for all our advanced projects. "

Rob Reedy / ECHOS Communications

Eric Zaltas

It feels like we’ve created a bigger team, yet the same team.

I've worked with agencies throughout my career, and the best ones are when you feel like you're working with a team — I feel that with The Brand Leader. The spirit is the same. It's a sporting spirit, and it feels like [TBL] are trying to be inside what we're trying to do. And you must be in it to do something cool and creative."

Eric Zaltas / PowerBar®

Eric Turner

The Brand Leader team has been the rare find of creativeness, design, business acumen, and dedication that is almost impossible to find in one team.

I’ve been blown away by their ability to listen, understand, and lead on every task I’ve asked of them. I have no desire to talk to or work with any creative team other than The Brand Leader."

Eric Turner / CEO