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Our Culture

For over 23 years we have helped create and lead brands nationally. Our success comes from one place: our values. We invite you to take a look around, learn more about us, our studio, and the people who make it work together.

Our Values Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

Creating game-changing brands together.

We’re a team of creators, coders, thinkers, doers, strategists, and problem solvers seeking to make a positive impact on the people and businesses in which we come in contact.

Executive Creative Director

Creative Director

Accounts Director

Director of Development

Head of Content & Sr. Copywriter

Sr. Brand Strategist


Justin Loretz

Sr. Brand Strategist, Europe

Amy-2 Amy-1

Amy Miller

Sr. Art Director

Karl-2 Karl-1

Karl Tremper

Digital Art Director

Burgess-2 Burgess-1


Sr. Web Developer

Anthony-2 Anthony-1

Anthony Reese

Sr. Web Developer

Kelsey-2 Kelsey-1

Kelsey Semones

Sr. Account Manager

Ben-2 Ben-1

Ben Hungerford

Web Developer

Emilee-2-web Emilee-1-Web

Emilee Hart

Office Manager

Tim-2 Tim-1

Tim Lowry

SEO Director

Matthew-2 Matthew-1

Matthew La Penna


Katie-2 Katie 1

Katie Walling

Account Manager

Brigitta 1

Brigitta Daswani

Brand Designer

Robbie-2 Robbie-1

Robbie Fitzwater

Email Specialist

E1ED035A-0DFE-4D25-9566-8EB2FD3D1C33 36EC3149-8009-4393-9BCF-651DEF5100F0

Anna Chastain


Evan-2-Web Evan-1-Web

Evan Lyendecker

Digital Marketing Manager

Katelyn-2-Web Katelyn-1-Web

Katlyn Searcy

Project Manager

Mary-2-Web Mary-1-Web

Mary Katelyn Shanks

Account Manager

Blue-2 Blue-1


Our Core Values

We believe in a core set of values.
It defines us. It guides us.
It's who we are.

People First

Whether it's our people, our clients, or neither, we have — and will always put people first.

Do Exceptional Work

We believe in our abilities, and therefore we always want our work to be exceptional.

Serve with Honor & Integrity

We believe in the power of grace, integrity, and servanthood, and strive to exemplify this.

Create Meaningful Connections

At the end of our journey, what we want to collect are connections with the people with whom we work.

Boundless Collaboration

We have jobs to do and we must do them well, but titles don't matter much on a team, collaboration does.

Go the Extra Mile

With humility and kindness, we strive not to merely do what is required but to go beyond — always.



Join Our Team

We're always looking for talented brand managers, creatives, developers, and generally kick-butt people.