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The Brand Leader’s

Brand Assessment

An Exploratory Review & Competitive Analysis

Perception is reality. Regardless of your industry or field of expertise, your brand is your identity. Does what you’re saying about yourself line up with what your customers are saying about you? Does your brand truly capture who you are? If not, are there some small, strategic adjustments that can communicate your message more clearly? Or is it time for a total rebrand?

Our Brand Assessment is an exploratory study that will help your organization’s key stakeholders understand your current brand’s effectiveness and determine if further investment is necessary. By condensing the reviews commonly conducted over the first 120 days of conventional rebranding campaigns, our team will provide objective observations, factual data, and in-depth marketing analysis, all of which can save your company valuable time and thousands of dollars in unnecessary spending.


Our 5 Step Plan

When you’re deciding whether to make minor adjustments to your marketing strategy or completely overhaul your brand itself, you owe it to yourself to gain a thorough understanding of your strengths and challenges. Our 5-step assessment will provide the insight necessary to make the best decision possible.

  • Review Brand Channels Assessment

    From your logo and website to your print collateral and social media accounts, your brand channels allow you to connect with people around the world. By reviewing each of your channels closely, we create a snapshot of your brand’s current performance.

  • Analyze Your Approach

    Without a clear understanding of your ideal buyer/customer and the challenges they face, it’s entirely possible for your brand to be well-developed but ineffective. In this step, we will help you clarify your audience and your process for reaching them. We’ll also conduct key customer interviews to provide leadership with first-hand insights, serving also as case studies for future sales and marketing initiatives.

  • Evaluate Competitive Landscape

    In most cases, you’re not the only game in town. You may be the best, but your competitors are claiming the same. As part of our evaluation, we spend time researching your key competitors and recording critical observations about the potential implications of their branding efforts.

  • Identify Opportunities for Growth

    After reviewing your current brand presence and contrasting it with your competition, our team will highlight the primary challenges your brand faces and focus on potential areas for improvement.

  • Determine Next Steps

    In some cases, a complete rebrand may be the answer. In others, a few strategic adjustments might be all it takes to enhance your overall brand performance. Whatever the determination, we will conclude our assessment by providing a concise report that shares our findings, offers clear explanations, and outlines a practical course of action.

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