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Brand Archetypes

The Explorer

The adventurers, the risk takers, the seekers of the unknown. The Explorer archetype promises a way to forge your own path, and live an authentic life.

About The Explorer

The Explorer archetype is motivated by a powerful craving for new experiences. Greatly valuing autonomy, the Explorer has a core desire to be free of the establishment, but not necessarily to challenge it. This archetype is willing to do just about anything to avoid boredom and entrapment, even if it means taking great risks. The Explorer is known to push boundaries and delight in unexpected discoveries, embracing a “no limit” philosophy.

The Explorer Connection Strategy

To appeal to an Explorer you need to make them feel a sense of belonging. Brands that revolve around everyday activities might use this archetype with the message that it’s ok to be normal.

Home or family life brands fit this archetype perfectly, while elitist positioning or “we’re better” messaging would be a turn-off. Appealing to an Explorer requires honest, humble, friendly and down to earth communication that doesn’t exclude.

The Explorer Brand Voice

Explorer brands speak to their audience with a confident, encouraging tone. They want the audience to discover new experiences for themselves, so they communicate with a relatable, empowering tone that inspires customers and clients to join them on they adventure.

The Explorer Brand Colors

Red, White, Black/Charcoal

Explorer Brand Examples