Brand Archetypes

The Hero

If there’s a will, there’s a way with the Hero Archetype. With a promise to slay the dragon, rescue the damsel, or prove their worth through perseverance, Hero brands never quit.

About The Hero

The Hero is many brand strategists’ favorite. A type 1 Enneagram (perfectionist) with a penchant to overcome the obstacles in their way, they are popular in the sportswear, outdoor equipment, and emergency utility service industries. They serve others, are committed to achieve, and have a conviction of duty.

The Hero Connection Strategy

The Hero’s goal is to become as competent as possible, and in achieving competency, serving others. Because making the world a better place demands sacrifice and hard work, the Hero is willing to do that for the bigger cause. In so doing, they’ll master their craft.

But a Hero also has certain qualities: stamina, endurance, faith, strength, courage—and rarely falters under pressure. They perform, tirelessly if they must, to hit their goal.

The Hero Brand Voice


The Hero Colors

Red, White, Black/Charcoal

Hero Brand Examples