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Brand Archetypes

The Innocent

They seek a simpler, safer life — because life doesn’t need to be hard. Be in the hands of an Innocent brand. They’re pure and virtuous and seek the promise of paradise, or simpler times.

About The Innocent

The Innocent doesn’t want to be responsible for hurting anyone. These brands are carings, kind, virtuous, and faultless. They’re optimistic, and want to provide that optimism to others. Their core desire is to experience paradise, a sort of Shangri-La, where everyone is safe.

The Innocent Connection Strategy

Brands like this appeal to families, especially those with children, as they offer safety. They’re closely associated with the Enneagram 9 as well, as they are full of faith, optimism, and want those around them to be happy.

Products from these brands are often natural or pure: Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Tear Free shampoo, Q-Tips, Dove soap, or Aveeno bath products.

The Innocent Brand Voice


The Innocent Brand Voice

Blue, White, Yellow

Innocent Brand Examples