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Brand Archetypes

The Jester

They’re jokers. They’re crack-ups. And if you’re not having fun, it’s their brand promise that they’ll ensure you do.

About The Jester

What’s not to love about the Jester archetype? They only fear being boring, irrelevant, or that they weren’t invited to the party. Both the Enneagram 7 and the Jester archetype aim to keep things light-hearted and fun. They’re not too serious, and don’t easily get agitated.

Jesters live in the moment and are often the tricksters or pranksters. Allow them room to run wild, and they will — all in the name of creating joy.

The Jester Connection Strategy

Through irreverence and originality, these brands aim for creating joy and fun wherever they go using humor and playfulness. These brands offer joy: Geico and the gecko, Dollar Shave Club and their original, Internet-breaking ad, or Budweiser’s frogs and lizards.

The Jester Brand Voice


The Jester Brand Colors

Orange, Red, Yellow

Jester Brand Examples

Old Spice Logo