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Brand Archetypes

The Lover

Attaining intimacy is important for this archetype who craves relationships, warmth, and connection in an effort to avoid being alone or unwanted.

About The Lover

The Lover—or Romantic—thinks that love makes the world turn. They crave intimacy, beauty, passion, and connection. They not only want to be attractive to others, but they desire to help other feel more beautiful and sensual.

Their superpower is relationships, and they will do what they need to to ensure closeness, connection, and togetherness. They’re an Enneagram type 2 and therefore love doing deeds for others, through love.

The Lover Connection Strategy

The lover’s way of connecting is by attracting others to themselves through their own attractiveness. They’ll reaffirm beauty everywhere, especially in people, and roll out the red carpet through the heart—think “rose petals leading to the bedroom."

The Lover Brand Voice


The Lover Brand Colors

Maroon, Green, Gold

Lover Brand Examples