Humango: A Case Study


AI-Based Coaching Software for Endurance Athletes



Click to Install Rate

312% increase

Cost per Impression

97% decrease (a good thing)

When you take a transformative AI coaching software and partner with best-in-class design, the result is outstanding — in both app downloads and personal endurance results.

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The Challenge

Create a brand identity that captures the transformative power of simplicity and communicates its game-changing benefits for the healthcare industry.

Breathing new life into an AI-powered digital coaching platform

Humango’s technology was second-to-none, but in the era of digital-first coaching (not to mention the recent onslaught of AI-driven apps), they were an also-ran among dozens of better-funded start-ups.

With a smart, highly-sophisticated backend, the app was ready for primetime, but to stand out from others in a crowded App Store, The Brand Leader helped craft new screens, UI, and onboarding flow.

Embarking on the journey of a new UI for Humango’s AI training app was not just a design overhaul; it was a revelation. Thanks to the creative minds at TBL, the once 'invisible' became the soul of our app. Grateful for their dedication and obsession with customer excellence. We haven't just transformed Humango’s UI; we've set a new baseline.

Gretell Otano

The Solution

Inspired by the “Magician” brand archetype, craft the brand by focusing on the mesmerizing creativity it takes to make complex processes refreshingly simple.

Building a Brand

The UX/UI team realized quickly that the challenge was primarily a usability issue — amplified by a brand issue. Who was Humango? What did it mean to be “coached by AI”? Why would a potential athlete download, pay for, and use the app if the company itself didn’t know exactly who it was?

TBL started with a brand audit, followed by social media templates. We provided voice and tone guidelines, made tweaks to the color and logo, and then tackled the app itself. The result generated more visibility for the app and separated it from the competitors in a crowded arena. Long story short: the app became sticky.


  • 312%

    Increase in Click-to-Install rate

  • -97%

    Decrease in Cost per Impression

Not just Design

Great design is like having great food at the restaurant, but you still need to make the menus and invite the guests.

That’s where our Digital team stepped in. Using an integrated approach of paid search/social, social organic, and email, the team created buzz around the app and drove customers to the new experience.