Simpliphy: A Case Study


Taking the Complexity Out of Physician Compensation



Organic Web Traffic

40% increase


App Design Awards


When Simpliphy founder, John Tarala, had a vision for a software system that would connect hospitals with their doctors more efficiently and reduce the complexity of the compensation process, he chose The Brand Leader to turn a tool that mixed tech, finance, and medical into an approachable brand that conveyed ease, accuracy, and simplicity.

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Award #1

2022 NYX Award - Grand Winner, Rebrand

Award #2

2022 Muse Creative Award - Silver, Rebrand

Award #3

2022 MarCom Award - Honorable Mention, App UI Design

The Challenge

Create a brand identity that captures the transformative power of simplicity and communicates its game-changing benefits for the healthcare industry.

Transforming Complexity Into Simplicity

The Simpliphy team had the knowledge. They had the technology. They even had proven results that showed their ground-breaking platform could help healthcare organizations streamline their physician compensation process — and save valuable time and money. The only thing they were missing was a compelling brand identity that established credibility and created interest within the medical industry.

While Simpliphy was new to the scene, the company’s founder, John Tarala, was no stranger to the challenges of its clientele. He’d spent years as a physician compensation analyst, experiencing the day-to-day frustrations firsthand. This experience inspired him to find a better solution, which is exactly what he did when he and his team worked with physicians and healthcare organizations to create Simpliphy’s revolutionary platform. Initially, Tarala found success when explaining Simpliphy during in-person demos, but when it came to their online presence, the efficiency and effectiveness of their product were getting lost.

So how do you create a brand presence that inspires the same sense of astonishment that Simpliphy’s clients experienced when seeing the product in action for the first time?

Working with The Brand Leader made us look very marketable and professional. The website makes us look like an established brand. The new logo gives us a fresh look, and slogans and the tradeshow sign give us a lot of credibility.

James Tarala

The Solution

Inspired by the “Magician” brand archetype, craft the brand by focusing on the mesmerizing creativity it takes to make complex processes refreshingly simple.

Building a Brand

Tarala and the rest of the Simpliphy team knew what their company had to offer. The Brand Leader’s design, content, and development teams worked to figure out the best way to communicate that to the target audience. TBL quickly realized that Simpliphy fit into the Magician archetype and crafted the brand to emphasize the seemingly magical qualities of its solutions, creating multiple brand elements that would define Simpliphy’s product in a visually appealing way.

  • Develop a comprehensive brand platform that communicates Simpliphy’s distinctive identity in everything from its vision to its brand voice
  • Establish a vibrant visual presence that grabs the attention of the target audience no matter where it’s displayed, online, in print, or on a trade show display
  • Build brand credibility through a best-in-class website with enhanced UI/UX
  • Make Simpliphy more accessible to physicians through the design and development of a user-friendly mobile app


  • 40%

    Increase in Organic Web Traffic

  • 3

    App UI Design Awards

Leading the Way

When the TBL team rolled out the all-new Simpliphy brand and launched the redesigned website, the results were strong from the start. Online traffic increased, with 40% coming from organic searches and almost 74% of the more than 7,000 visitors classified as new sessions for first-time visitors.

And while the digital results have been impressive, the Simpliphy team has experienced a significant increase in trade show engagement, with many attendees indicating that they were drawn to the company’s eye-catching booth display. As this in-person traffic and interaction lead to more demo sessions — their secret sauce from the start — Simpliphy projects a corresponding increase in client conversion.

In addition to the results listed above, the rebranding campaign and website design won global design awards, as did the app design work.

At every touchpoint, TBL’s award-winning brand work established Simpliphy as an industry expert that offers a surprisingly simple, state-of-the-art solution that, as the Simpliphy team likes to say, may not be magic — but sure does feel like it.