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Branding / Dec 23, 2022

What’s It Take To Be One of the Best Places to Work?


Kyle Duford


It’s More Than Coffee, Bagels, and Unlimited Time Off

Against a backdrop of fierce competition for a tight talent pool, quiet quitting, a weakening economy, The Great Resignation, and an ever-changing media landscape … there’s an interesting awakening taking place:

  1. Employees are reevaluating what is most important in their lives. 
  2. Employers who are tapped into this shift are not only helping employees succeed, but also succeeding themselves. 

These workplace revelations have come to the forefront here at The Brand Leader, as we were recently named by AdAge as a “Best Place to Work.” This recognition is incredibly humbling — and the award caused us to reflect on how we got here, what we’ve done (intentionally) to make this a place where the best and brightest want to work, and what it will take to maintain that kind of culture.

Yes, we offer the things that others in our industry do to hire and retain talent (e.g., great pay and benefits, unlimited time off, bagel Thursdays, off-site team building, etc.), but no matter how good the coffee is, it can’t be the cornerstone of culture building (although we’ve got to say, the coffee here comes pretty close). 

But seriously, employees are seeking meaningful work that offers purpose and aligns with their values. Gone are the days when employees will work to the breaking point or tolerate an abusive boss. People no longer feel like they need to work for you; they have to want to work for you. And a higher salary alone is not going to cut it. In fact, according to The Great Place to Work Trust Model ™,what matters most to employees is “trust, respect, purpose, and community.”

At TBL, we pride ourselves on trying to meet those expectations — not because it’s what people want, but because it’s who we are. As an agency, our core values align with the qualities high-performing employees look for in an employer, a fact that’s confirmed by the portion of the AdAge scoring that measures work/life balance. 

Of course, the success of our clients is important to us as well. The beauty of having engaged employees who feel valued is that they consistently create exceptional work for our clients. TBL understands that the work/life balance of our team members is crucial for everyone touched by the agency. When our people enjoy a better quality of life, it elevates our work and enhances our client relationships. And if that combination is not a hallmark of a best place to work, we don’t know what is! 

What are TBL’s core values? Glad you asked:

People First
Whether it’s our people, our clients, or neither, we have — and will always — put people first.

Do Exceptional Work
We believe in our abilities, and therefore we always want our work to be exceptional.

Serve with Honor & Integrity
We believe in the power of grace, integrity, and servanthood and strive to exemplify each of these.

Create Meaningful Connections
At the end of our journey, what we want to collect are connections with the people with whom we work.

Boundless Collaboration
We have jobs to do, and we must do them well. Titles don’t matter much on our team. Collaboration does.

Go the Extra Mile
With humility and kindness, we strive not to merely do what is required, but to go beyond — always.

Want to learn more about TBL’s AdAge Best Places to Work win? Please click here.

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