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The Brand Leader recently partnered with Pivot Nutrition to launch the new PowerBar® website, refreshing the e-commerce experience for both mobile and desktop, and reimagining the iconic sport nutrition company’s brand through a strategic redesign of marketing collateral, social media, and advertising.  

Founded in 1986 in Berkeley, California, PowerBar is the original fuel for athletes. After Pivot Nutrition gained the exclusive rights to distribute PowerBar in the United States in 2018, company leadership set out to rejuvenate the brand in a way that would give it new life in the US, resonate with longtime PowerBar consumers, and connect with a new generation of athletes. Understanding the unique challenge of this branding endeavor, Eric Zaltas, Pivot Nutrition’s founder, reached out to longtime friend, and former Inside Triathlon editor, Kyle Duford, now the Executive Creative Director of The Brand Leader.

As Zaltas and the Pivot Nutrition team strategized the brand refresh, they worked with The Brand Leader, identifying four primary goals for the initiative:

  • Give the brand a bold, high-energy look and feel.
  • Create messaging that resonates with endurance athletes who want to perform at their best. 
  • Highlight the science behind PowerBar product development.
  • Streamline the user experience, and makes it easy for customers to find and purchase the products they need.

With these objectives in mind, The Brand Leader directors worked with the agency’s designers and developers to create a best-in-class website that breathes new life into the legacy brand and helps PowerBar accomplish their goals.

"PowerBar has been fueling my endurance activities since the early 1990s, so it's been a blast to be able to work with the brand in its latest phase," said Duford. "We took great care of this legacy brand while still injecting it with a new look, feel, and energy. Our goal is to help Pivot Nutrition sell more units than ever before, and with their new website, that task will be easier than ever."

Discussing the strength of the partnership, Zaltas shared, “Since we started working with The Brand Leader, it feels like we've created a bigger team, yet the same team. I've worked with agencies throughout my career, and the best ones are when you feel like you're working with a team — I feel that with The Brand Leader. The spirit is the same. It's a sporting spirit, and it feels like [TBL] are trying to be inside what we're trying to do. And you have to be in it to do something cool and creative."

Focusing on the deliverables of the project, Zaltas added, "What I really like about the new site is that while it's simple graphics and colors, everything plays together nicely. Even the slant of the PowerBar logo is evident throughout the site. It all plays together very nicely." 

To learn more about PowerBar’s innovative product line and view The Brand Leader’s web design, visit