• The LA Lakers are his jam, man
  • Has launched nearly 400 brands
  • Created nearly 500 logos
  • Completed around 30 OCR races
  • Has two kids who run more around the house than he does during a race


  • Comes from a family of creatives and fine artists, giving him a slightly unfair but still acceptable advantage
  • Liberty University- B.A. Graphic Design

Chris Heuvel


Some people reach for the bar and some people set the bar. Chris sets the bar in every aspect of his career. To say he’s talented is an understatement.

Ask anyone who has been fortunate enough to sit in a brand or website reveal meeting with Chris and they will tell you that his ability to take nebulous imagery and obscure ideas and define them – to graphically articulate what has been rumbling around in the mind of a client – is remarkable. They will also tell you that his talent is only surpassed by his character. He corrects with kindness, leads with integrity, and is deeply respected by everyone on our team.

Humble. Honorable. Exceptional.
As Creative Director, Chris is an essential part of our team. He’s responsible for overseeing all of our branding, creative, communications, and digital decisions. Whether developing creative strategies and directing creative work, to designing websites, print pieces, or email campaigns, Chris’ experience and talents are noticed all across the country. We’re privileged that after more than a decade here, even with offers of higher salaries and bigger cities, he continues to be a part of The Brand Leader team. His humble spirit, honorable approach and exceptional talent are what each of us on the team admire about him and strive to emulate. Ok, enough with the gushy accolades. All true – but let’s get to know Chris’ “other side”. You know he has one…all the quiet ones do. It’s a bit surprising that someone so quiet and mild mannered can literally transform into beast mode at the start line of a race. Not just any race. An Obstacle Course Race. A run-through-the-mud-til-it-comes-out-your-eyeballs-then-climb-a-wall-and-maybe-through-fire kind of race. But, that’s Chris. Taking on any challenge and believing that nothing is too hard to accomplish. His focus and determination are unwavering whether running through 13 miles of mud pits or staring down the toughest graphic design challenge he’s ever encountered. Chris will never settle, never quit, never complain, and never once brag about it.