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SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization Assessment with accompanying video

Your website can be one of your brand’s most powerful tools. With a compelling design and an effective content strategy, your site gives you the opportunity to position your company in front of the right clients at the right time, clearly communicating your value proposition in a way that systematically moves them from education to engagement. However, without intelligent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and dynamic content management, your site will eventually function as little more than a digital business card.

Over 7 days, our SEO team will review your current website SEO. The assessment will be compiled into a 15 minute that identifies your current site’s SEO issues. We’ll focus on your on-page SEO strategy, content strategy, site performance, site structure and technical SEO, rankings, and UX items related to SEO. Your 15-minute SEO audit video will also include actionable tips to address the SEO issues we uncover.

Our Process

Our 4 Step Plan

To ensure clarity and accountability throughout the review period, we’ve broken down our SEO Assessment into a scalable 4-step process.

  • On-page SEO + Content Assessment

    We begin our process by conducting an on-page SEO assessment that analyzes the following aspects of your website:

    On-page SEO
    • Heading, titles, and meta descriptions
    • Keyword usage on-site
    Content Assessment
    • Current content strategy
    • Thin content
    • Content cannibalization
    • Content gaps
  • Technical SEO + Performance Analysis

    Recognizing the critical nature of ranking well with Google searches, we dive into the technical aspects of your site, can Google crawl and rank your site? We’ll also test and review your Core Web Vitals which includes page experience and page speed. Core Web Vital metrics are going to be wrapped into a 2021 Google algorithm update.

    Technical SEO
    • Internal Linking
    • Site Structure
    • Canonicalization
    • 301’s, 404’s, or other error codes
    Performance Analysis
    • Page Speed
    • Core Vitals
  • Ranking Analysis

    What are your top pages and traffic-driving keywords? Knowing how your users are finding you and how to improve your overall ranking and visibility is core to your SEO success

    • Overall Search Rankings
    • Keyword Rankings
    • Top Pages
  • Actionable Insights

    We don’t point out problems and leave you to solve them on your own. That’s why, throughout our SEO Assessment, we’ll provide actionable insights on how you can fix errors and improve your site’s ranking.

    Some SEO companies are content to provide reports that tell you how your website currently ranks. We don’t think that’s good enough. Our goal is to help you build on your site’s strengths and develop SEO strategies that produce better results. After your SEO Assessment, you will be free to incorporate the changes on your own, or you can choose to contract with us for plan implementation as well as periodic site reviews to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

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