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A captivating brand story connects with an audience and leaves a lasting impression. When that story is elevated by exceptional design, brands can go places they never thought possible.

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Building unforgettable financial brands is no easy task.

What makes up a brand? Is it a logo, a memorable tagline, or an eye-catching color palette? Yes, it’s all of those things. But it’s also so much more. Whether you’re establishing a new brand or rebranding your company, the process takes strategic planning and execution. The best brands clearly and creatively communicate who they are to their target audiences — and they do it in a recognizable voice that is authentic to their brand.

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Our team has a track record of helping financial brands establish a unique presence in the marketplace.

Money doesn’t just play a role in your business — it is your business. And our business is helping you stand out in the crowd.

Our work with brands starts with a formal brand assessment and a discovery session where we use several of our own brand tools and exercises to learn what your brand is all about. It ends with the launch of mutually agreed-upon deliverables, which can include a new name, logo (primary and sub-brand offerings), brand voice, brand guidelines, website, digital assets, and other critical elements.

But our marketing services continue after your brand or website launches. We go Beyond the Brandwork by walking alongside your brand and providing invaluable support through SEO work, paid search and social, blog writing, digital marketing, and more.

We’ve won awards for our work, but they’re not how we measure our success. For us, success is measured by what matters most — when the market responds and our clients win market share.

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Strategic marketing for financial institutions

As a financial brand, you need to communicate trustworthiness more than anything else. And just like you want people to trust you with their finances, you want a partner you can trust to tell your brand’s story.

Impactful marketing isn’t meant to be done alone. Creative ideas that capture audience attention are made within established boundaries by a team that regularly questions the status quo. But sustaining this level of creativity requires keeping a pulse on the behaviors of both competitors and consumers and adjusting strategy as needed.

Being in the financial world is challenging. You need a proven partner who understands your brand and the challenges ahead. That's where we come in. We’ll work alongside you and your team, always with a focus on helping you achieve your goals.

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Great brands take a lot of work. Luckily, we're here to help.

MANY BUSINESSES AND people aren't familiar with what a brand really is — a logo? A set of standards? — well, all of it and more. When you're considering a rebrand, lots can go into it. Great brands know that to be effective, especially during a rebrand, they must clearly and creatively communicate the brand at every touchpoint, in a unique and meaningful way, and in their authentic brand voice.

That means lots of documents, thought leadership, and energy go into making (and remaking) a brand. Here, you can download our Ultimate Guide to Rebranding, where we'll walk you through what's entailed, timelines, budgets, and more. Plus, we'll help you locate your next branding agency and what you should look for in a partner. Finally, we'll showcase common pitfalls to be wary of.

Working with The Brand Leader has propelled our business forward.

They've made us look very marketable and professional. The website makes us look like an established brand. The new logo gives us a fresh look, and slogans and the tradeshow sign give us a lot of credibility."

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