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We understand the effect a great brand story can have with its audience, but we also understand the trust and affinity that can only come with great design.

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Building great lifestyle brands
takes a lot of work.

Many businesses and people aren't familiar with what a brand really is — A logo? A set of standards? — well, all of it and more. When you're considering creating a brand or rebranding, especially in the outdoor space, lots can go into it. Great brands know that to be effective, especially during this strategic phase, that they must be clear and creatively communicate the brand at every touch point in a unique and meaningful way — and in their authentic brand voice.

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When outdoor desert boot brand Erem called, it was to ensure brand consistency after their initial launch. Founded by a fourth generation boot maker from the Timberland® brand, Erem is creating sustainable products made for the heat and dry of the desert.


The Original Energy Bar is PowerBar®. Launched in 1986 in Berkeley, California, Brian Maxwell's company went on to spawn hundred of other nutrition brands over the last four decades. But make no mistake — there is only one OG.

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Supra Performance is more than an all-natural superfood bar. That's why it was so important to get this one right: a complete rebrand, including logo, type, colors, jerseys, packaging, boxes, and web site. It all adds up to yummy.

Over the last two decades, our senior leadership — both independently and collectively — have created and led branding initiatives for outdoor lifestyle brands across the country.

Sure we’ve helped grow telecom, medical, and finance brands, but we’re outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts, too. From endurance sports like running, cycling, and triathlon; to skiing and hiking — even the odd alpine adventure here and there — we live your brand day-in and day-out.

Plus, our structured process begins with a formal brand assessment & discovery, includes several proprietary brand tools and exercises, and ends with the launch of specific, mutually-agreed upon deliverables which often can include a new name, logo (primary and sub-brand offerings), brand voice, brand standard guidelines, website, digital assets, and other critical elements.

We also offer a variety of marketing services that run far past when we launch a brand or website. This included SEO work, paid search and social, blog writing, digital marketing, and much more. We're able to offer the services that you need, while giving you the attention you deserve.

Yes, we’ve won awards for our creative work, but we don’t celebrate when clients merely say they love our work; we do that when the market responds and our clients win market share.

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All Sorts of Outdoor Sports

We love the outdoors. That's part of the reason we live in Greenville, South Carolina — the kayaking, cycling, running, and other sports is amazing. It's one of the reasons George Hincapie moved here. And we've worked with all types of brands in this space, both here and nationally: golf, skiing, triathlon, cycling, and multi-sport brands. We think you'll like our competitive nature yet skilled thought leadership.

We don’t believe creativity in marketing is art. That’s why painters & sculptors exist and work alone. Consistently clever, attention-grabbing, ROI-driven marketing happens when the environment within which it’s created has the right boundaries established, and a team is challenged to collaborate, think differently, question the status quo, and share ideas. Sustaining it requires a commitment to constantly learn and adapt as consumer behaviors, markets, and competition change.

Being in the outdoor world is challenging. You need a brand partner who not only understands you but also the challenges ahead. That's where we come in, nestle in alongside you and your team and help you achieve your goals.

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We hate surprises...
So here's what to expect.

How much does it cost & how long does it take?

We hate surprises as much as clients do, so we prefer to set expectations up front. Great brands require a great process, great talent, and great communication, including time for a project to breathe and allow for collaboration between our teams.

Because of that, expect a 90-120 day process start-to-finish, and a range of $15,000-$50,000 including typical deliverables like several mentioned above (logo, web site, brand guidelines, etc). It won’t be less than that range, but of course can (and has) run higher depending on the specific SOW and scope of deliverables that we agree on together, like a full new web design (e-commerce or otherwise) or other items like event booths.

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Luckily for us, The Brand Leader is our secret weapon and our creative sherpas.

Finding the right creative / branding team is not easy, even more, finding the right team who fundamentally understands the nuances that make up a brand and the culture that surrounds it is harder. We've rolled up our sleeves with them and have full trust in their guidance for all our advanced projects."

Rob Reedy / CEO, ECHOS Communications


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