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We understand the effect a great brand story can have with its audience, but we also understand the trust and affinity that can only come with great design.

We uncork the full potential of wine & spirits brands through our innovative integrated marketing.

With our Beverage Team (formerly the Benson Marketing Group), we specialize in elevating your brand's presence in a competitive market; we blend a rich bouquet of services, including public relations, affiliate marketing, event planning, dynamic activations, and influential wine, beer, or spirits scoring. Our tailored strategies are designed to resonate with your unique audience, ensuring that every note of your brand's story is perfectly pitched to captivate and engage. Discover how our expertise can transform your brand into a memorable experience that lingers long after the last glass is poured.

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Two decades of brand mastery

Crafting the Essence of Wine and Spirits

For over twenty years, our seasoned wine & spirits group (formerly "Benson Marketing") has not only pioneered but also masterfully led branding campaigns specifically for the wine and spirits sector. Our expertise, while diverse, has a special resonance with this industry.

While we've cultivated growth in sectors like telecom, medical, and finance, our true passion lies in the world of wine and spirits. We immerse ourselves in the culture and lifestyle that surrounds these brands. Whether it's understanding the nuances of wine tasting, the craft of distilling spirits, or the elegance of high-end liquor branding, we live and breathe the essence of your brand every day.

Our approach is methodical yet inspired, beginning with a comprehensive brand assessment & discovery phase. We deploy several proprietary branding tools and exercises, guiding our clients through a transformative journey. The culmination of this process is the launch of key deliverables, which often include a new name, logo (including primary and sub-brand variations), brand voice, brand standard guidelines, website, digital assets, and other pivotal brand elements.

But our involvement doesn't end at the launch. We offer an extensive array of marketing services that continue to nurture and grow your brand. This includes SEO, paid search and social media campaigns, blog writing, digital marketing, and much more. Our commitment is to provide the services you need with the attention your brand deserves.

Awards have recognized our creative work, yet our true measure of success is not just when clients express their satisfaction with our work. Our real celebration begins when the market reacts, when your brand captivates the audience, and when you gain significant market share in the competitive world of wine and spirits.

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Crafting Distinctive Brands in the Wine & Spirits World

Creating a standout brand in the wine and spirits industry demands expertise and dedication. Fortunately, that's where The Brand Leader excels. Many businesses and individuals in this sector might wonder what truly constitutes a brand. Is it just a logo? A set of standards? In reality, it's all this and so much more. Particularly in the nuanced world of wine and spirits, a rebrand is a complex blend of creativity and strategy.

Great brands in this industry understand the importance of conveying their unique essence at every touchpoint. It's about more than just a label on a bottle; it's about telling a compelling story, embodying an authentic brand voice, and creating a lasting impression that resonates with connoisseurs and casual consumers alike.

This journey involves a myriad of elements – from meticulously crafting brand documents to embodying thought leadership and investing substantial energy into developing (and redeveloping) a brand identity. We invite you to explore our Ultimate Guide to Rebranding, tailored specifically for the wine and spirits sector. In this guide, we'll navigate you through the intricacies of rebranding, including timelines, budgets, and more. Additionally, we offer insights on selecting your next branding agency and key attributes to consider in a partner. Plus, we'll highlight common pitfalls to avoid, ensuring your brand's journey is as smooth and refined as the products you offer.

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Great brands take a lot of work.
Luckily, we're here to help.

Many businesses and people aren't familiar with what a brand really is — a logo? A set of standards? — well, all of it and more. When you're considering a rebrand, lots can go into it. Great brands know that to be effective, especially during a rebrand, they must clearly and creatively communicate the brand at every touchpoint, in a unique and meaningful way, and in their authentic brand voice.

That means lots of documents, thought leadership, and energy goes into making (and remaking) a brand. Call us, we'll walk you through what's entailed, timelines, budgets, and more.

It feels like we’ve created a bigger team, yet the same team.

 I've worked with agencies throughout my career, and the best ones are when you feel like you're working with a team — I feel that with The Brand Leader. The spirit is the same. It's a sporting spirit, and it feels like they’re trying to be inside what we're trying to do. And you must be in it to do something cool and creative."

Eric Zaltas / PowerBar®