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Brand Archetypes

The Caregiver

The good samaritan archetype is all about taking care of others, providing support, and offering generosity through selflessness.

About The Caregiver

When you think about the Caregiver—also an Enneagram type 2—what comes to mind is a caring, compassionate brand, right? They do things for others while caring for the world and protecting people from harm.

Think of brands that make you feel warm, comfortable, and cared for. They’ll help you feel this way through altruism.

The Caregiver Connection Strategy

Care for the greater good is worth the sacrifice for the Caregiver. They crave helping others, and fear only one thing: ingratitude. Avoid conflict by allowing the Caregiver to thrive in their world of generosity, giving-back (think TOMS “One for One” campaign), and service-oriented business.

The Caregiver Brand Voice


The Caregiver Brand Colors

Blue, Turquoise, White

The Caregiver Brand Examples