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Brand Archetypes

The Everyman

The archetype next door, sort of speak, who learns how to connect by fitting in.

About The Everyman

The Everyman has ambition and gusto, but doesn’t desire to be the leader of the pack or the highest rung on the ladder. They cling to value, and want to be valued. As an Enneagram 9 they go with the flow and don’t rustle feathers—they want to fit in.

Connection is a big part of this archetype’s psyche. Spurred by loneliness, they express themselves through assimilation.

The Everyman Connection Strategy

Through developing common ground and virtues, the Everyman will be able to be at ease to be themself. They never want to be put up above others and they fear being singled out or unwelcome.

The Everyman Brand Voice


The Everyman Brand Colors

Dark Blue, Lavender, Bright Green

Everyman Brand Examples