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Brand Archetypes

The Magician

They make your dreams come true, and while you’re not quite sure how they did it, you surrender to their mastery of the topic at hand.

About The Magician

The Magician archetype leaves you feeling mesmerized and satisfied—or happy and transformed in some way. It can be temporary or long term, but your satisfaction is because of something they did. An Enneagram type 3, they love being the center of attention and having the spotlight on them. They love finding win-win situations with clever ways of getting to the result.

The Magician Connection Strategy

Many brands in the industries of entertainment, health and beauty, or well-being find themselves in this archetype. They’ll develop a vision and connect to consumers using that vision as a road map to offer inspirational, awe-inspiring dreams.

The Magician Brand Voice


The Magician Brand Colors

Bright Blue, Purple, Pink/Red

Magician Brand Examples