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Brand Archetypes

The Outlaw

With a brand promise of rule breaking for the better, they promise revolution if it helps their cause. They are highly motivated for change. They’re bad asses.

About The Outlaw

Also known as the Rebel Archetype, the Outlaw yearns for liberation from oppression. They’re risk-takers, progressive, and exude bravery in all circumstances—especially in the face of “The Man.” They’re most likely Enneagram 7s, and are free spirits that inspire others to take chances and dream.

The Outlaw has a penchant for revolution to help change the world — and if anarchy is involved, so be it — to make the world a better place. These brands are rule-breakers, despise being regulated, and oppose conformity. They are good brands that if poked with too many rules will use their anger as motivation for change.

The Outlaw Connection Strategy

These brands denounce the normalized, what’s accepted, and status quo for something better. To do this, disruption is their tool. They run counter to the crowds: Vans will break into your LA home, drain your pool and make it a skate park. Dr. Martens will help support your rebellious self-expression. Harley-Davidson will empower you to feel like a bad ass.

The Outlaw Brand Voice


The Outlaw Brand Colors

Orange, Red, Yellow

Outlaw Brand Examples

Vans Logo      Diesel Logo

Dr. Martens Logo

Harley Davidson Logo