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Brand Archetypes

The Ruler

It’s all about power, and the Ruler has it, with a goal of creating prosperity and success.

About The Ruler

The Ruler: in control and above it all. They crave excellence and know you need someone in power to make the world work, so why not them? (Someone has to be in charge.) With a gift of responsibility and leadership, they closely resemble the Enneagram type 8. They exude confidence, charisma, and leadership traits.

The Ruler Connection Strategy

To appeal to a Ruler you need to make them feel like they’re in charge and that you defer to their wisdom, guidance, and brains. Because they fear being overthrown or having chaos surround them, avoid talk of mutiny or overturning their decisions.

A true Ruler will own their mistakes and rise to the occasion, and you’ll find them in luxury sectors such as prestige cars or hotels, and fine brands such as watches and apparel.

The Ruler Brand Voice


The Ruler Brand Colors

Deep Red, Deep Turquoise, Charcoal

Ruler Brand Examples

American Express    Rolex Logo

Mercedes Benz Logo       Yves Saint Laurent Logo