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Brand Archetypes

The Sage

The sophisticated and brilliant Sage archetype is well educated and wise. They want to guide you, teach you, and lead you to truth. The truth, it seems, will set you free.

About The Sage

The Sage is about finding and then giving wisdom. They seek out information and they want to understand the process of how things are done. They love teaching and are highly intelligent. You’ll find the Sage in education, media, and news sectors. They are most likely an Enneagram type 5.

They are seekers of knowledge, not experience, and despise ignorance and being duped. In their quest for knowing, they make rational decisions and are prudent with their time and resources.

The Sage Connection Strategy

To connect, a Sage will engage through knowledge and common interest or facts. They will impart their knowledge because knowledge helps people see truth.

The Sage Brand Voice


The Sage Brand Colors

Forrest Green, Tan, Brown

The Sage Brand Examples