In Good Taste: A Case Study


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In Good Taste


June 2022


When In Good Taste launched in 2020, founders Joe Welch and Zach Feinberg had a simple goal: to make quality wine more accessible and less intimidating. By offering world-class wine in single-serve bottles and guiding interactive tastings of curated flights, they created an enthusiastic community of wine lovers from all walks of life. As their community grew, they asked The Brand Leader to help them craft a brand that celebrates the welcoming sense of connection that great wine brings to everyday people and ordinary moments.

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Visual Identity

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2022 NYX Award - Grand Winner, Website

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2022 NYX Award - Gold Winner, Brand

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2022 Muse Award - Platinum, Brand

The Challenge

Redefining an established brand and infusing it with a fresh identity that engages customers and helps it stand out in a crowded wine and spirits market

Redefining the Brand

With an original brand idea focused on exploration and discovery, In Good Taste appealed to wine lovers who thrive on new experiences — but lacked the relatability and warmth that would attract new wine drinkers and make every customer feel at home. Recognizing the need for a thoughtful, robust rebranding campaign, In Good Taste’s leadership knew they would need to attract a wider audience without alienating their current customer base. Easier said than done.

In Good Taste: Award-winning brand work that's bringing people together to share good times and great wines, one glass at a time.

The Solution

Redesign the brand’s look, feel, and voice to position it as a trusted companion that makes every aspect of the wine experience fun, inviting, and familiar.

Creating a New Identity

As In Good Taste’s leadership planned the company’s rebrand, they worked with The Brand Leader to assess the company’s current branding challenges and identify four primary goals for the brand:

  • Give the brand a warm, friendly look and feel that provides a consistent visual identity across every form of communication (website, social media, print materials, etc.).
  • Create messaging that resonates with everyone from first-time wine drinkers to seasoned sommeliers.
  • Highlight the human connection that In Good Taste wines make possible.
  • Streamline the user experience and make it easy for customers to find and purchase the wine they want.

With these objectives identified, The Brand Leader’s design, content, and development teams worked to create a best-in-class website that would bring the brand’s new identity to life.


  • 20%

    Increase in Returning Customers

  • 67%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

Building Success Together

With their new brand identity and guidelines in place, In Good Taste re-introduced themselves to the marketplace with the launch of their all-new website, designed and developed by The Brand Leader. Within a few weeks, the website saw an increase in sessions, return visits, and — most importantly — sales. As the website generated results and expanded the customer base, the In Good Taste social media and marketing teams leveraged fresh video, graphic, and written content to increase brand awareness, successfully garnering game-changing exposure with ad placements featured in nationally recognized print, web, and TV outlets.

As In Good Taste pivoted their brand strategy to celebrate the connection that great wine provides, it seems only fitting that their vibrant new identity grew from collaboration.