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Published July 15, 2024.

What in The Brand Book

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We believe in a core set of values.

1. What is a Brand?

Whether it's our people, our clients, or neither, we have — and will always put people first.

2. Elements of a Brand

We believe in our abilities, and therefore we always want our work to be exceptional.

3. Naming a Brand

We believe in the power of grace, humility, and servanthood, and strive to exemplify each of these.

4. Verbal Identity

At the end of our journey, what we want to collect are connections with the people with whom we work.

5. Visual Branding

We have jobs to do and we must do them well, but titles don't matter much on a team, collaboration does.

6. Putting it all Together

With humility and kindness, we strive not to merely do what is required but to go beyond — always.

What a gem. This has helped me better explain to potential clients what a brand is.

Matt Certo

Agency owner


  • What is a brand.
  • The elements that make up a brand.
  • Brand Archetypes.
  • Visual Branding.
  • Verbal Identity.
  • Putting it all together.