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Branding / Apr 28, 2021

Choosing an Agency for a Rebrand


Geoff Wasserman

Choosing the right agency for your rebrand is a hard, but key step in the process. Rush it, and you’ll regret it.

Agency Experience

Take a look at the longevity of the agency. You don’t need a decades-old thoroughbred, but ensure the group isn’t brandspanking new, either. Like a restaurant, you may not want to go during the opening week when kinks are being worked out and recipes still being dialed-in. Just as important, is the length of time the individual team members have been employed there. Not only is it an indicator of inside business habits and happiness of the team, but also how well they gel with one another. Any good team needs a few games to play together.

Cultural Fit

A quite nebulous thought, we know, but cultural fit is a key detail not to be overlooked when choosing. Try to visit their design studios and get to know the key team and leadership members on their turf. How the team addresses and respects each other is a sign of how they’d be with your staff, and while little things like the type of music playing may seem innocuous, over a four-month branding project, it may just drive you crazy.

High quality work, skilled, efficient execution, combined with a deep understanding of our purpose and core values. You keep vendors at arm’s length and dictate expectations. With a partner, there’s negotiation, compromise, and continued growth. When you find a partner that’s talented, honest, has like-minded core values, and a genuine desire to see the relationship be the best it can be — those are the ones you hold onto.


Fit For Your Sector

If you’re a medical business, you wouldn’t trust your branding efforts to an agency with only financial brands under their belt. Ask to look at recent client work, and ask questions to see if the team knows your industry. They don’t need to be experts, but a modicum of knowledge eliminates a potentially large learning curve during your project’s initial branding phases.


There many types of agencies that focus on many parts of the process or a combination of them: advertising, copywriting, branding, social media, marketing, public relations, or web and e-commerce. A “full-service” agency does it all, which you may or may not need. Many specialist agencies focus on their core competencies. Depending on the size of your internal team and where their focus lies can help steer your decision.

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