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Branding / Apr 7, 2021

Mistakes to Avoid During a Rebrand


Geoff Wasserman

Navigating a rebrand can be tricky, even when you're relying on an agency to do the heavy lifting. There are a few things to keep in mind to avoid a misstep in your brand's new journey.

Don't Forgo Research

Before starting anything, gathering insights through research is of utmost importance to the success of your rebrand. How your brand is recognized and perceived both internally and externally is a place to start. Survey staff and customers, both happy and unhappy ones. From there, look at your competitors by doing a thorough competitive analysis. To do this, assess how they do everything: logo, tagline, brand voice, and messaging. You can chart them on an X/Y quadrant before mapping your brand. Not doing these steps is much like walking into a gladiator arena without your armor — you’ll get eaten alive.

While a logo is part of a brand, it isn’t the brand. Only redesigning your logo negates the opportunity to visit all aspects of your emotional connection with your customer, not to mention your position in the marketplace. The logo — while one of the most recognizable assets of a brand — is only one aspect. If you redesign and rethink everything from packaging to how customer service answers phones, you’ll service the brand with more respect, and ultimately build something stronger.

Businesses who present their brand consistently and in a more uniform way — following brand guidelines — contribute 33% more revenue on average.

Don't Try To Be Trendy

We like to build lasting brands. Being “on-trend,” by definition, isn’t long-lasting. Trends come and go, and by the time those who didn’t spearhead that trend catch on, they’re actually more also-rans than pioneers.

But ultimately, doing what others are doing will never capture the vision, mission, and values of your brand. Those are yours. And they’re special. Create and develop a brand that comes from the brand itself, and not based on someone else’s identity, or worse, another brand’s values.

Don't Rush It

The process takes time. Your agency will break this into parts and map them to a schedule over months. Gathering insights alone could take a while, long before strategists and designers start building the pieces to hand off to design. Be patient, however, as this process will only return more on your investment.

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