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Podcasts / Mar 20, 2022

Chris Carmichael of CTS


Kyle Duford


Team 7-Eleven. Lance Armstrong's coach. US Cycling Hall of Fame Inductee. Supercoach.


Today on The Crux Podcast, we have an exceptional guest and friend! We are excited to share our conversation with Chris Carmichael, former pro cyclist turned coach, who is the founder and CEO of CTS, through which he and his team bring the best in coaching methodologies to their elite athletes and private clients alike. In our conversation, we go deep into the philosophy that Chris and his company use as a foundation. We get Chris to weigh in on some of the basics of coaching and training before getting more specific on areas of interest. Our guest shares his thoughts on the rise of new technologies, data usage, the advent of AI, and how these can both help and hinder the mission of coaches and athletes. As you will hear throughout this insightful episode, Chris is a firm believer in continuing coaching traditions and using the eternal building blocks of improvement, momentum, and determination before looking to newer and shinier ways to approach challenges. We also get to talk a bit about what Chris' professional life looks like now and why he still prioritizes his coaching practice this far into his career. You will not want to miss this fantastic chat with a true legend, so listen in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Chris and CTS' approach to training, as well as their target market.
  • The building blocks of a robust training program; are loading, recovery, and sticking to the fundamentals.
  • How new technology and access to more data are impacting coaching in negative ways.
  • Creating effective training plans within typical time constraints.
  • Chris' strategies for keeping his clients motivated and the vital mental component of inspiration.
  • The most important people that have coached and guided Chris on his journey.
  • Current coaching commitments for Chris and the handful of athletes he still works with.
  • Avoiding the kind of obsessive training that can become unhealthy, Chris' thoughts on balance.
  • Advice from Chris to aspiring coaches and the continual process of learning.
  • The future of technology, sports, and coaching and the continued need for human involvement.
  • The business side of CTS and the constraints that come with running a successful company.
  • Chris' 'Crux question'; constant challenges arise and systems to combat these.

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