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The Brand Leader Podcast is an incisive perspective on branding, design, e-commerce, and trends in our industry. From insightful discussion to lively guest appearances from interesting and sector-leading individuals, you’ll hear some amazing insights into the world of brand and marketing.

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Emotionally Connecting with Brands

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Brands today aren’t just putting a social benefit on buying their product, but increasingly offering more ways to connect to their brand emotionally, and ultimately, to one-another. While today’s world is dominated by the noise and solitude of social media, brands are able to puncture this veil and speak directly to consumers. So how do businesses today cut through the chaff, and enter the real conversation with today’s consumer and build meaningful human-to-human connections?

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Deck the… Brand with Boughs of Holly

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If you have a retail-based or e-commerce business, having a well thought-out holiday plan is not only critical, but table stakes in today’s retail world. Geoff and Kyle discuss this and the history of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why they’re important to your business, and some insights about what to do and when for your brand’s success during the holiday season.

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