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When it comes to branding, positioning, e-commerce, and related topics, few things excite us more than talking about the industry with other experts. (Well, maybe except Tom Brady losing in a Superbowl.)

We’ve spent years as an agency — and decades individually — listening, learning, and talking about what makes brands connect, tick, survive, and thrive. Below, you’ll find some of our latest conversations about Outdoor and Active Lifestyle industry on The Crux, and about Branding and Strategy on The Brand Leader Podcast.

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Jean-Luc Diard of Deckers X Lab & HOKA

Selling happiness, not shoes with Jean-Luc Diard, founder of HOKA One One

Simon Mottram of Rapha Cycling

It is not every day that a brand guy is CEO, but it can yield some truly incredible results. Such is the case of Simon Mottram and Rapha, the world’s finest cycling clothing and accessories.

The Enneagram with Shay Bocks

Shay Bocks is an expert brand strategist and enneagram practitioner, and she talks with us about how powerful the enneagram can be when branding your business.

Tim Moxey of nuun Hyrdation

A life-long entrepreneur and athlete, Moxey has notably founded numerous companies, successfully.

What is Design?

We’re keeping things in house and speaking with our Creative Director, Chris Heuvel, about the foundational elements of good and bad design.

Chris Carmichael of CTS

Team 7-Eleven. Lance Armstrong’s coach. US Cycling Hall of Fame Inductee. Supercoach. Chris Carmichael talks to us about the ins and outs of coaching.

Eric Zaltas of PowerBar

Today’s guest is Eric Zaltas, who started working at PowerBar over 20 years ago, and who now holds the exclusive license to the product through his own company.

Nate Checketts of Rhone Apparel

Founder Nate Checketts of menswear brand Rhone Apparel joins us to talk about crux moments in his life and the philosophy behind Rhone.

Tony DeBoom of Endurance Conspiracy

Reinventing yourself after a career as a professional triathlete is not easy, but it is something today’s guest Tony DeBoom has managed to excel at.

Ben Fox on Affiliate Marketing

In the 2nd of our 4-part series on Affiliate Marketing, we speak with Ben Fox of Inside Hook on how he sees affiliate marketing from a publisher’s point of view.

Jacob Hauge on Affiliate Marketing

Jacob Hauge discusses the purpose, idea, and results of affiliate marketing in the outdoor and active lifestyle space — all from the agency side of things.

Emotionally Connecting with Brands

TBL discusses how businesses today cut through the chaff with today’s consumer and build meaningful human-to-human connections.

Holiday Brand Planning

We discuss the history of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, plus what to do (and when) for your brand’s success during the holiday season.

We’ve also been featured on these podcasts.

Creating Genuine Connection in a Post-Pandemic World

Kyle talks about how to build an impactful team, the 3 C’s of hiring the right people, and the social responsibility of brands to create genuine connections in a post-Covid world.

How Branding Has Evolved with Digital Marketing

Kyle tackles the challenges that the digital world have created in branding, including how to represent your brand consistently and in a way that can be globally appealing.

Crafting Outstanding Experiences for Global Brands

Kyle discusses the difference it makes when you’re genuine in your messaging and branding, and how that impacts your customers’ feelings towards your brand. In order to be authentic, you must be able to get to the heart of your brand.

Today’s Marketing Issues and Solutions

What does it mean to keep up with marketing trends? How will it affect you if you don’t know your company well, and what should your next step be to improve it?

Hitting Your Brand’s Sweet Spot

Kyle discusses how to define your brand both internally and externally and how to effectively listen to all the necessary audiences.

Reestablish Your Business Through Rebranding

In this episode, Kyle explores when a company should consider a rebrand, the key elements to remember when updating your brand, and how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls of a rebrand.

Why the Intangibles Matter

What are customers looking for in a brand? Kyle answers that question, and more, on this episode. “People want emotional connections. Brands are the vessel in which to allow these connections.”

Building My Legacy

We talk with Kyle about what is important to build and maintain a brand as well as the core tenants of The Brand Leader that have made them so successful. Kyle also shares his thoughts on legacy.

Predictable B2B Success

In this episode, he shares his experience and perspectives on how to develop powerful brand strategy frameworks that rapidly drive growth. Insights he shares include: How Kyle defines a brand and brand strategy and more…

School for Startups

Kyle talks with Jim Beach about the future of shopping trends and what it takes to develop a brand for a growing start-up looking to solidify who they are.

Vroom Vroom Veer

Kyle talks with Jeff Smith about starting his own magazine, working his way through the corporate maze, and how he met Johnny Cash.

Business Creators’ Radio

Kyle joins Adam Hommey to discuss building your brand equity, plus critical questions to ask yourself about your brand, market, and competition.

Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders

Kyle and Mike Saunders discuss how your customers tell you what your brand is, not the other way around, and how to build a brand’s value.

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