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Good Design and Why Logos Should Cost More Than $5.

Today, we’re keeping things in house and speaking with our Creative Director, Chris Heuvel, about the foundational elements of good design. Chris is an essential part of our team. He’s responsible for overseeing all our branding, creative, communications, and digital decisions. Whether developing creative strategies and directing creative work to designing websites, print pieces, email campaigns, Chris’ experience and talents are acknowledged all across the country. In this episode, Chris shares his approach to design and what distinguishes good design from bad design. We also discuss why a logo, no matter how awesome it is, is just one piece of the brand experience and how much goes into the process of creating a brand before there is any visual product. Tune in today to learn more!

[bctt tweet= "“A brand is much more than the logo. The logo is the tip of the iceberg. There's a full suite and gamut of things that go into brand to create that emotional connection. The brand is the feeling that you get when you interact with that full suite of items.” — Chris Heuvel"]

Key Points From This Episode:

  • 1An introduction to Chris and his role at The Brand Leader.
  • 2Chris shares his definition of design: a visual way to communicate a message.
  • 3Why he believes that good design is subjective but also based on foundational principles.
  • 4How design sets certain expectations of a product, business, or service.
  • 5Find out why Chris doesn’t recommend getting a logo made for $5.
  • 6Learn about raster versus vector images and why vector images are essential for logos.
  • 7The missing piece of a brand when you only have a visual to go on.
  • 8Why a brand is so much more than their logo; the logo is just the tip of the iceberg!
  • 9Which brand Chris would choose to redo if he had the chance.
  • 10Some of Chris’ favorite designers, including Sweyda, Jessica Hische, and Ugmonk.
  • 11What he loves to design and how he describes his personal aesthetic.
  • 12Why Chris wishes there was a better understanding of the design process.

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