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Tony DeBoom of Endurance Conspiracy


Kyle Duford



Reinventing yourself after a career as a professional triathlete is not easy, but it is something today’s guest Tony DeBoom has managed to excel at. After retiring from triathlons, Tony worked as a coach, and then turned his side hustle, Endurance Conspiracy, a t-shirt company, into his full-time business. Along with being the company’s founder, Tony also serves as the Creative Director. Endurance Conspiracy is more than just a sports apparel business. They want to make everyone feel included, and this ethos is evident in the range of products and accessible price points they offer. In today’s episode, Tony offers insights into his incredible journey and the factors that got Endurance Conspiracy off the ground. Building a business is not without its challenges, and Tony talks about some of the pivots they have made and the cruxes he has faced along the way. Tony's approach to business is admirable not only because of his inclusive philosophy, but also because he truly embodies the culture his brand represents.

[bctt tweet= "A men’s-focused directly distributed brand could be really successful and there’s a huge addressable market."]

Key Points From This Episode:

  • 1 Get to know Tony, his numerous accomplishments, and how he got to where he is today.
  • 2 The story of how Tony came to work with Brushfire Records.
  • 3 The charity work Tony did with Jack Johnson for the Colorado floods in 2013.
  • 4 Even though the business’s name is long, it has stood the test of time.
  • 5 Endurance Conspiracy’s inclusive philosophy.
  • 6 The value Tony has seen in not taking his designs too seriously.
  • 7 Why it is so important to Tony that his products are affordable and accessible.
  • 8 The range of products caters both to serious athletes and ordinary people.
  • 9 How Endurance Conspiracy’s approach to marketing and brand-building has changed over time.
  • 10 How Tony manages to balance the different roles in his life.
  • 11 Hear about the different cruxes Tony has faced along his journey.
  • 12 The custom design side of Endurance Conspiracy accounts for half the business revenue.
  • 13 Tony’s role when it comes to customer communication and adding a personal touch.
  • 14 Looking forward: what’s next for Tony and Endurance Conspiracy.


“We never wanted to be just the winner standing on the podium wearing our stuff. We wanted to be the people in the crowd who aspire to be that person or are trying to be their best to be the best version of them, just trying to be always an inclusive group.” — Tony DeBoom [0:13:03] Click to Tweet

“I think anybody who's an entrepreneur has probably had several cruxes.” — Tony DeBoom [0:24:54] Click to Tweet

“I try to handle a lot of the communication myself, just because I've had relationships with them or I know the personal touch. It's becoming less and less in this digital age. It's really easy just to talk to a computer on the phone nowadays or get a standard email response, and so I try to be anything but standard, and that seems to work.” — Tony DeBoom [0:31:03]
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