Kyle Duford

Kyle specializes in crafting outstanding advertising and branding for global brands looking to own winnable market share

4As Carolina Council
Forbes Agency Council
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Transforming groups into high-performing teams

Philadelphia, PA



Kyle is an author, brander, and speaker. A former writer for Outside, Men’s Health, and Men’s Journal, he has also helped many brands double their online revenue.

Specializing in crafting outstanding experiences for global brands seeking winnable market share, his unique blend of advertising, branding, and digital expertise allows Kyle to create and lead some of the foremost brands.

As a thought leader focusing on business leadership, growing people first, and building high-performing teams based on trust and vulnerability, he draws on his personal experiences as he facilitates meaningful conversations on building teams, brands, faith, and mental health.

His book, Twice Found, is a memoir of his life-long struggle to find God while searching for the love of his life after not seeing her for more than 20 years.


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